World Conquering Ministries (WCM)
is a non-denominational ministry dedicated to
building people up in the call God has put on
their lives.  We believe that God has a purpose
for each person and once he/she commits
themselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, it is
the responsibility of the church to build them in
that purpose.  The reason for God's call in each
of us is to advance His Kingdom and show
Himself mightily in the lives of everyone we
encounter every day!

We realize it is every believer's responsibility to:
  • Live according to God's laws.
  • Live as an example of God's love by using
    the awesome power of the Holy Spirit to be
    a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Live in the blessings of God to show His
World Conquering Ministries
World Conquering