About World Conquering Ministries, Inc. (WCM)
World Conquering
WCM started as a home Bible Study in 2003.  After about a year, God
told Ken that He wanted a ministry started that would build people into
mighty warriors of God.  In 2004, WCM was officially organized and
shortly thereafter we moved into the site we are in today.
       The Pastor and CEO is Ken March.  He was born in 1959 to a military family.  He
graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a BS in agriculture.  After college,
he entered the Air Force where he flew F-16's.  He served seven years on active duty and
eight years in the South Carolina Air National Guard.  He is a highly decorated aviator that
has logged over 2500 hours in the F-16 including 50 missions flown in the first Gulf War.  
He is presently employed by Delta Air Lines as a captain on B757's and B767's.    He is
married with three children.
       Ken started his spiritual journey early in life.  He accepted Jesus as his Saviour at the
age of 12.  He diligently started pursuing God when he was in college and has not stopped
since.  God has gifted Ken with a tremendous teaching ability.  His understanding of the
Word of God comes from an intense desire to know who God is and how He relates to
The Pastor...
A Board of Elders...
       WCM has a board of elders that continually evaluates our adherence to scriptural
principals.  We hold our leadership to the Biblical standard of living because they are
representing the Lord Jesus Christ.