1.  We believe  there is one God that has chosen to show Himself to man in three persons: the
Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (
Matthew 3:16,17).  God is eternal, omnipotent, omniscient
and omnipresent.  He has always been and will always be.  He is the creator of the universe and all
things exist as a result of Him.  God is love and He desires all men to be in fellowship with Him.

 We believe evil came into existence on earth when Satan tried to put himself in the place of
God (
Isaiah 14:12-14).  Satan was cast out of heaven, put on the earth, and is restricted to
walking on the earth (
1 Peter 5:8).  At the time of Satan’s fall, one-third of the angels followed his
rebellion and joined him on the earth.  These angels are principalities, powers, rulers of darkness,
spiritual hosts of wickedness or demons that war against God’s children.  Satan is a murderer and a
liar (
John 8:44) that seeks to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) everything that God has
created.  Satan is presently the god of this age (
2 Corinthians 4:4) but was stripped of his power
by Jesus Christ.  Satan and all his followers will ultimately be defeated and confined to the Lake of
Fire for all eternity at the end of this age.

We believe  that God created man in His image and commissioned man to rule and reign on
earth (
Genesis 1:28).

We believe  that man subjected himself to Satan’s rule and died spiritually (meaning separated
from God) when he yielded to the devil’s temptation.  “By Adam’s sin, death through sin entered
the world and spread to all men” (
Romans 5:12).

We believe  that because of sin, God could not fellowship directly with man.  He sent His
Word, given through men; which are the Holy Scriptures, to communicate His love and His will to
man.  God’s word is errorless and can be counted as truth.  Throughout the Old Testament
(Covenant) period, God’s spoken word brought forth the ultimate expression of His love into the
world.  Jesus is God’s word that became flesh and lived among men (
John 1:1-14).  Upon Jesus’
resurrection, the New Testament (Covenant) was given to men through the inspiration of God and
is profitable for doctrine (teaching), for reproof, for correction and for instruction in righteousness (
Timothy 3:16
).  God’s word, the Holy Scriptures, is what we study and meditate on in order to
build our faith (
Romans 10:17) and to live a life that is pleasing to Him (2 Timothy 2:15).

 We believe  that Jesus was the only begotten Son of God, sent as the ultimate expression of
God’s love for man (
John 3:16).  Jesus was born of a virgin, fully God and fully man.  Jesus was
sinless and obedient, even unto death, by giving Himself as a perfect sacrifice for man’s sin.  No one
can come to the Father without going through Jesus (
John 14:6).  Jesus stripped Satan of all his
power and became the ultimate authority in heaven, on earth and under the earth (
Philippians 2:
).  Jesus now sits at the Father’s right hand and intercedes for those who have come to God
through belief in Jesus (
Hebrews 7:25).  At God’s appointed time, Jesus will return to earth to get
His bride which is His church.

We believe  that any man that chooses to accept Jesus’ sacrifice and declares Him as Lord will
become a new creation (
2 Corinthians 5:17).  God changes man’s dead spirit into a spirit that is
alive, fully able to fellowship and communicate with Him.

We believe  that a spiritually reborn man is still bound by his sinful flesh nature.  For this
reason, God has given man the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is given so we can be empowered to be
witnesses of Jesus Christ (
Acts 1:8) and to be more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37) in this
natural life.  Man, through the anointing of the Holy Spirit, can accomplish God’s desire; which is to
preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature.  The supernatural manifestations that will occur,
as man preaches the gospel, will be greater (in number) than the great things that Jesus did while
He was on the earth.

We believe  that the church of Jesus Christ is His body that continues to perform God’s will
on earth.  We are to be powerful and a full representation of the love of God.  World Conquering
Ministries is not “the church” but is a “member” of the body of Christ.  The church is not a building or
a denomination but is made up of those that are united in the purpose of exalting Jesus as Lord.  
The church is empowered by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature.
Statement of Faith
World Conquering